Without the right answers, the homebuying process can be overwhelming.  After all, there are so many questions and options when buying a house.  Relax.  The team of Open Realty professionals is here to help.


What you should know when buying?

  • Determine how you’ll purchase your property; whether using your own resources (cash) or through a financial institution.  Banks are currently offering loans which cater to the needs of each borrower, whether Foreign or Domestic.

  • Identify which type of property you’d like to buy, the neighborhood or city, as well as the budget for your purchase.

  • Personally visit the properties and consider the costs:  real estate property taxes, insurances, association management fees, etc.  This will help you have a clear understanding of the real cost of maintaining your property.

  • Compare all of your option and do the math.  Don’t be led by your emotions.  It’s best to purchase something that you can afford.

  • Some of the preferred cities for international headquarters for companies with businesses and industries in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean are located in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

  • Both counties are home to world-renown universities, organizations and associations.

  • A dynamic economy and in development, move the equivalent of 14 Latin American and Caribbean nations, excluding Mexico and Brazil.

  • One of the favorite hotspots for artists, movie stars and sport celebrities from around the world.

  • A place to release daily stress, in addition to being a world-class tourist destination.